5 Best Custom Post Type WP Plugins: Great Tools That Don’t Require Coding

The most important thing about your website is its content and how it is organized. This is the vital section that helps your website users to understand easily what you’re all about and the way you organize. It might determine your success. One of the most popular and most powerful features of any WordPress website is custom post types.

These are extremely important, and they make WordPress a unique and widely used platform nowadays; and in this article, we will elaborate on what these are, and we will show you the best plugins that you can use for them in case you are not a fan of coding in PHP.

What Is a Custom Post Type?

A custom post type is content that you create once you log in to your WP website’s dashboard. The difference between a post and a custom post type is that the latter combines all post types that are stored in the database, whilst a regular post is any post type that your register. Custom post types are content that you can create and customize individually.

They are widely used today and mostly as products for an eCommerce site, portfolio items, testimonials, places, maps, events, etc. You can use many tools to develop your custom post types, and we will show you the best ones.

1. Custom Post Type UI

Custom Post Type UI banner

This is one popular plugin for custom posts, as it provides you with an easy-to-use interface that is perfect to register and manage your custom post types. Once you install this plugin, you will get a professional dashboard to start your work without any hassle. In addition, custom Post Type UI provides you with many useful options like the ability to create and configure all your custom post types and custom taxonomies.

You can also attach built-in and custom taxonomy for post types, and most importantly, it is easy to work with, and it doesn’t require any advanced knowledge in coding. This tool provides you with advanced labeling for post types, but it will not handle the display of your new post types and taxonomies, which means that you need to do it by yourself.

2. Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator – WCK

Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator banner

With Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator – WCK, you will easily create all custom post types, taxonomies, and fields for free. This plugin consists of three tools that you can use to create and maintain your custom post types. WCK Custom Field Creator provides you with a UI that sets custom meta boxes with custom fields for your posts and pages. WCK Taxonomy Creator helps you to create and edit custom taxonomy for WordPress, and most importantly, you can do it successfully regardless of your experience in programming.

With this plugin, you can access field types like WYSIWYG editor, upload, text, text area, select, checkbox, radio, number, HTML, time-picker, phone, currency select, color picker, heading. Besides this, you can easily connect post types with custom taxonomies, and you can use Repeater Fields and Repeater Groups. There is a premium version of this plugin that gives you even more options and better functionality.

3. Custom Post Type Maker

Custom Post Type Maker

This is yet another amazing plugin that enables the user to easily create custom post types and custom taxonomies. It is very easy to handle, and you will successfully manage your posts and pages. Custom Post Type Maker will give you access to all registered custom post types and taxonomies, and you don’t need to possess any advanced coding skills.

The main features of this plugin include full integration with the WordPress API, the ability to create custom post types without the need of writing any code, a user-friendly interface, and a list of all registered custom post types, and taxonomies in WP, etc.

4. Toolset Types

Toolset Types homepage

This all-in-one plugin provides you with amazing features to manage your custom post types. Thanks to Toolset Types, you can create an advanced WordPress website combined with professional-looking custom post types, code-free. This plugin allows you to connect different post types, aka to define the so-called parent/child relationship between them. All content will be checked just to make sure that everything is complete and correct.

Besides this, you can easily display your custom content on the front-end. Toolset Types provides you with Toolset Blocks that you can use to design templates, archives, and lists, and you can use Toolset Forms to create front-ends with ease. Without any doubt, this is one of the most prolific plugins for custom post type creation that will help you a lot, and you can learn even more while working with it.

5. Post Type Builder

Post Type Builder Website

And last but not least, Post Type Builder will help you significantly to create custom post types, taxonomies, and post type templates without any hard work. Like with the plugins mentioned earlier, you don’t need to code anything. You are provided with a step-by-step guide as well as an intuitive drag and drop interface.

The most important features of this tool include import/export that allows you to import or export any associated post type, taxonomy, or template, lightbox option you can use to open posts without the need to leave the current page. In addition, WPML Integration allows you to create multilingual custom post types, and the post-filter feature allows users to filter or sort all posts by categories.


Creating and managing custom post types used to be difficult work reserved only for experienced programmers and developers. But thanks to plugins like the ones mentioned in this article, it has become a piece of cake for everyone familiar with the WordPress platform. Custom post types are one of those essential parts of every good, successful, and professional website, and you should pay close attention to them. Hopefully, the plugin mentioned here will be of great help to you.