The Best Domain Brokers That Help Negotiate Great Prices

You are in the process of launching a new website, and you need a domain name. You have your idea, but when checking the availability of a domain, you realize that the domain is already occupied. Many users encounter such problems. To resolve these and similar domain-related situations, you can hire a domain broker to negotiate with domain owners on your behalf. The main problem is how to find a reliable domain broker to make sure you are on the right track when buying a domain. To help you with that choice, we have selected the best of the best through research and will present them to you this way.

Who are domain brokers?

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If you are new to the concept of a domain broker, you must know some basic information, who they are, and what they do. Domain brokers perform buying or selling of domain names using all the tools needed to research a domain. There are many benefits to using domain broker services. They can help customers who want to buy or sell their domain names in a variety of ways. They work within the constraints of each clients’ budget. Brokers generally remain as neutral and objective as possible when doing their job. If you come across a good broker, they can negotiate a great deal on your behalf.

Brokers can also monitor the process of fluctuation and security of transactions between the buyer and the seller. Given the experience and knowledge that the broker possesses, you can also find those that will speed up the process of transferring domain names to your newly created website. These are just some of the many services brokers provide, and which ones are the best, you will find out below.

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy homepage

GoDaddy employs a whole team of experts who lead the domain mediation process for 30 days. The entire process begins with customers entering the domain name they want and receiving a budget request in the form of an email. Brokers will negotiate on your behalf about the best possible prices for a particular domain name. If you opt for this option to contact vendors, your identity remains private. GoDaddy takes a higher commission than some other services, and the standard rate is 20%. If your budget is less than $ 5,000, and you don’t want to set aside a lot of money to buy a new domain, GoDaddy is your ideal solution.

2. Namecheap

Namecheap homepage

Unlike the previous broker, Namecheap is a registry of available domain names. Whether you’re buying or selling, you do everything yourself without the additional help of a broker. If you decide to buy a new domain name directly through Namecheap, you do not pay a commission, and in case you want to sell domains through this platform, it is necessary to set aside 10% on the commission. With the help of excellent search tools, you can enter over 3000 keywords, which will show you thousands of results. Namecheap does not have an intermediary function but offers a similar alternative to the process of buying or selling a domain name.


Domain homepage

The platform is a registry that offers the option to search for a large selection of domain names. You can find various extensions for domains, protection, and many other things. A unique feature is the option of free domain locking, protecting it from theft and misuse. It does not require the payment of commission prices, in addition to the introductory price of buying a domain. And if you need additional services, you can have everything in one place with the premium option. The platform provides excellent customer support 24 hours a day throughout the week.

4. Sedo

Sedo homepage

Sedo is the leader in the domain exchange market, which offers over 15 million domains, and has been operating for almost 18 years to help people when buying or selling domains. Sedo employees speak over 20 languages of the world and negotiate for you if you cannot communicate with the seller. It offers the option of secure transactions that you can make via PayPal or credit card. The process of registration, transfer, packaging, or purchase of the domain is free, and if you want the domain to be delivered to you on the same day, a fee is added.

5. VPN

VPN homepage

If you are looking for a top-notch, high-value domain, and you need an intermediary service, VPN is the solution for you. Its offer includes personalized domain negotiation, free name assessments, domain management, all without the need for prior payment. The platform is known for its mediation with domain transactions totaling over $50 million. Because large amounts of transactions are involved, VPN also offers transaction protection through Escrow Auditors. The team behind this platform provides analysis of completed transactions, advice on sales or changes in the registry, and performs estimates of your domain’s value.

6. Brannans

Brannans homepage

This platform is oriented towards domains that can be easily identified and followed by “.com,” “.us,” or “.biz.” Such domains are evident and apparent, making them more sought after in the market than others. The brokers in this company have a success rate of 93%, which places them at the top of the list. If you want to sell on Brannans, it is essential that your domain ends with “.com” and that its value is not less than $ 25,000. In addition to the domain fee itself, Brannans takes a 15% commission from each completed transaction.

7. MediaOptions

MediaOptions homepage

The team of professional domain brokers behind MediaOptions aims to overcome all obstacles and get you the domain you desire. They offer options for consulting and evaluating the domain, insuring transactions larger than $ 5,000 while taking a 15% commission for the lowest transactions. If you need premium services, the initial domain value for such services should be at least $ 75,000. MediaOptions is also known for previous collaborations with other well-known leaders such as Amazon, which gives us the right to talk about the competence and success of the company’s business.

8. Domain Holdings

Domain Holdings homepage

Domain Holdings specialized in buying, selling, or evaluating domain names. The company offers a wide range of respected clients with whom you can collaborate. You are given access to an extensive network of domain owners and brokers, which you may not have access to if you opt for other intermediaries. It is essential to mention that the fee is not charged in advance but only when an agreement is reached between the two parties.

9. DomainBooth


One of the companies that could experience expansion in the future is DomainBooth. It is a company that offers the services of the best domain brokers on the market for a low commission of 12.5%, which is much less than others. If you are in the process of negotiating a multi-digit domain in the name, this commission can mean significant money savings. DomainBooth specializes in domains with concise names containing two letters and a number or one word. For a relatively new and young company, these characteristics are what place it high above other platforms.

10. Grit Brokerage

Grit Brokerage homepage

A company with several deals with big names and brands is securing its place in the domain network. Users of such services are often those looking for premium domains. If you need to incorporate a domain into your marketing strategy, Grit Brokerage is the ideal broker for such businesses. The people in charge of this business can guide you through a detailed domain upgrade in your industry while taking advantage of an SEO strategy. Each job requires prior pricing in consultation with Grit Brokerage staff.

11. DomainAgents

DomainAgents homepage

As we can conclude from the name DomainAgents is a company whose employees specialize in buying or selling domain names. You can purchase in two ways, either by making an offer or directly purchasing via the “buy it now” option. There is also an option to buy credit for domain agents if a potential buyer is interested in the selected domain. After that, the owner of the domain name is contacted with the proposed offer. Once you approach the negotiation process, you are allowed to manage negotiations on your own. You can also transfer your domains to the company’s market so that they are visible to other customers.

12. NameSilo

NameSilo homepage

The platform that belongs to the group of the best domain registries in the world is NameSilo. It offers the lowest domain prices, which are very competitive with others in this industry. They do not oblige customers with additional hidden fees either for transactions or for domain transfers. They do not charge for every step of the domain transfer process. All domain names have complete data protection through the free Whois Privacy option. There are often new attractive offers for new users, such as a welcome coupon that you can use, after which you get many benefits in the long run.


We’re ending our modest list of domain brokers here. All of them do a fine job, but the one that’s right for you highly depends on what it is you’re looking for. Before hiring a domain broker, it is crucial to decide what is important to you and research the chosen broker’s work well. They can be an important factor when selling and buying domains in use, all at a specific monetary cost. We hope we have helped in choosing the best option for you.