Best e-Commerce Research Tools to Boost Sales and Better Your SEO

E-Commerce seems to be at the height of its popularity, and it’s showing no indication of ceasing to grow any time soon. Online shopping is simply no longer a specter, and people are opting for it more than ever. Not only is it easier to make any purchase from home, but now with the help of online stores, it is possible to make a purchase at any time, from any store, no matter where it is located geographically. Information on all products listed is available to you immediately, and you can easily compare any item with those in other stores.

Like in traditional business, it is essential to do some research and properly manage your trade in online sales. It is obligatory to do detailed market research in order for the profit to be guaranteed and for the whole investment to pay off. This includes researching the target group, their needs, what they want from you, and much more. In what follows, we will focus on the best e-Commerce research tools.

1. Linkio

Linkio homepage

Each time you create a link, there must be anchor text to accompany it. Anchor text is either highlighted or underlined in the text, and most important of all, the text is clickable and leads to a link. The importance of these things is reflected in the fact that Google actually reviews anchor texts to check the relevance of the backlink profile, which implies the following: the greater the relevance, the better the ranking.

Linkio is a tool that researches how much and in what order anchor text should be used. And it can do this for as many links as you want.  It is important to emphasize that all information and suggestions provided by Linkio are up to date, which guarantees that you will not be taking any wrong steps if you choose to follow its direction.

In addition to this functionality, Linkio gives you information about competitors’ sites (which you are interested in) and compares your site to them to present your position relative to them.

2. JungleScout

Jungle Scout homepage

If you have a business on Amazon and want your business to be successful and expanding, it is crucial that you constantly research and analyze the market by looking for products, analyzing the competition, creating various databases of all relevant information, etc. All of this takes hours and hours of time, and worse yet, you might actually come out with some information that could be inaccurate.

This is where JungleScout jumps in. Instead of wasting hours on researching yourself, JungleScout does it for you very quickly. It does not matter if you are just starting a business on Amazon or want to improve your existing one; JungleScout is what you need. Some of its most popular services include the Niche Hunter, the Product Tracker, and the Keyword Scout.

3. Semrush

Semrush homepage

Semrush is a platform that allows you to do everything from one place. It helps you improve organic traffic by making it easier for you to find millions of keywords, analyze backlink profiles, and track SERP positions daily. It also makes it much easier for you to create content that has a high probability of ranking well without the condition that you have expert knowledge of the content’s topic. With this tool, you can find the topics your audience wants, get tips for creating content ideal for SEO, and so on.

In order to ensure your success in the e-Commerce business, you need to work not only on improving your business but also on monitoring your competitors’ marketing strategies and tactics. You can do this very easily with the help of Semrush’s Competitive Research Toolkit. To sum everything up, this tool does data analysis for you and gives you suggestions for SEO, content marketing, and advertising that will surely improve the online visibility of you and your store.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs homepage

You want to be highly positioned, and you want more traffic, but you are not an SEO expert. No problem, just get Ahrefs – An all in one SEO toolset.

This toolset contains:

  • Site Audit – Scans all pages of your site and, as a result, gives you an overall SEO score, visualizes data in charts, highlights all possible SEO problems, and most importantly, gives you suggestions on how to fix them. Site Audit gives you the ability to perform a default scan but also the ability to customize the data and parameters of the scan that are important.
  • Site Explorer – It contains three essential components. Organic Traffic Research provides insight into your competition’s keywords and the sites that yield the most search engine traffic. Backlink Checker gives you insight into the list of websites that link to your competitors’ sites and measures the quality of their backlink profiles. Paid Traffic Research informs you whether your competitors use paid search advertising and where they direct “paid visits.”
  • Keywords Explorer – One of the most complete tools on the market related to keyword research, which is confirmed by the fact that it works on the largest third-party database related to searches.
  • Content Explorer – This makes it easy to search and find the most popular articles on any topic. It sorts the results by the following parameters: organic traffic, referring domains, domain rating, traffic value, and social shares.
  • Rank Tracker – Used to track your rankings over time and visualize your performance against the performance of your competitors. You can also automatically send reports to your inbox when scheduled.


If you own an online business, these tools are definitely something you should start using. Whether it is one or a combination of several, it depends on you and your interests. It is apparent how much the features of the listed tools can help you improve your business, better connect with the market by exploring it in a simple way and provide your target group with more than the competitors can. So stand out, and give the most to get the most.

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