12 Best Personal WordPress Blog Themes

Designing your own website can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Thankfully, website templates and blog themes exist to make our lives easier. While working with a web designer is usually a good choice if you’re looking to create something utterly unique, most of us aren’t willing to spend the extra money for a website when there are plenty of beautiful themes out there already.

Of course, that doesn’t mean working with a small business web design company is a bad idea. For those that really want to create something different and stand out, it’s always best to make something from scratch. But whether you’re just looking for inspiration for your own personal blog or are looking for a great theme to use, here are 12 fantastic ideas.


Astra website

Astra is a fantastic multipurpose theme with a plethora of customization options to truly make it your own. It offers a number of typography options and the layout can be changed to your liking. It has a very image-focused feel so it may be worth putting together a few images that you want to use before you play around with this theme.


Avada homepage

Avada is a WordPress theme that gives off a very professional air. It’s a much more serious-looking theme that offers a clean design and an easy-to-use interface, making it a good option for anyone that plans on having a website with lots of links or categories. It was also designed with a responsive layout in mind, making it a great choice if you’re planning to appeal to both mobile and desktop users.


Lewis website

Lewis is one of those striking themes that helps you create a solid internet presence with your blog. This is a flexible and modern WordPress theme that offers excellent typography options and is optimized for viewing on smartphones, tablets, and also desktops. It’s very easy on the eyes and offers enough customization to make it feel like a modern piece of artwork or you can create a more laid-back and inviting experience.

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro website

Hestia Pro has a very modern feel to it. It oozes a serious corporate vibe and this can be something that many people are looking for, especially with a professional blog where you want to maintain a slick feel. It’s brilliantly simple and contains plenty of customization options to help make this theme your own.


Divi website

Divi is a very modern WordPress theme that can be used for many different purposes including a personal store or simply just a blog. It offers some amazing customization options that are extremely simple to modify and edit with visual tools, making it a great option for first-time web builders that are looking to level up their blog and give it a professional look.


Kallyas demo

Kallyas is a beautiful WordPress package that offers a plethora of features to make your website stand out with a user-friendly design that is fully optimized for search engines. Kallyas takes full advantage of sliders and animated counters, and it has plenty of options for parallax effects to make scrolling through your website a beautiful experience. It’s also fairly lightweight, making it a great option for smartphone users too.


Total demo

For a personal blog, you can’t go wrong with the Total theme. It’s simple, it’s slick, and there are hundreds of customization options and easy-to-install demos to help you get started. There are a near unlimited number of combinations and possibilities with Total and it’s clear why once you get started with all of the different options. Thanks to its compatibility with many other WordPress plugins, Total is the go-to choice if you want to transform your current WordPress personal blog into something new and fresh.


Stockholm website

Stockholm focuses on big and beautiful images with the links and content taking a backseat. There are plenty of options on where you can place your links and content, but the primary focus is on the large images that will instantly draw your attention.


Oxer demo

Oxer is a clean and minimalistic theme that has a unique creative look. It’s free from distractions and uses simple navigation options to help guide users around your website. This is a great choice for a personal blog, but can easily be expanded with over fifty widgets to create a personal branding website. It also quickly reshapes itself to fit smartphones and tablets, meaning you don’t need to worry about how it looks on different devices.


XStore website

A name like XStore might make you think this is designed for eCommerce, but it’s actually the perfect choice for creatives who are looking to show off their work. It’s a highly responsive theme that can turn your talents into a blog full of great content. So if you’re looking to change your blog and make it easier for you to share your creations, then you’ll find plenty of customization options and settings to suit your needs.


Porto demo

Porto offers a much more quirky and visually appealing design compared to many of the other themes on this list. It’s got plenty of support for other plugins and offers some unique animations to really make it stand out. But despite all of these interesting quirks, it’s still extremely lightweight and offers fast performance. This is a rather powerful theme that offers big and bold colors and it’s perfect for a personal blog.