Best Plugins for WP Sports Blogs That Add New Features and Improve Functionality

Having a sports blog is an interesting hobby, but first, you have to know to do it the right way. Every blog needs good plugins to be efficient, so you have to take care of that. It is the same thing for a sports blog, and because of that, we made a list of the best plugins that will help you create and maintain your sports blog. Without further ado, let’s start with our list.

1. UnderConstructionPage

UnderConstructionPage homepage

The first plugin on our list is the UnderConstructionPage. It is used for creating under construction and coming soon pages. For those unfamiliar with these terms, those are pages that are presented before you finish the real site. They are useful because they can make visitors interested and give them a little sneak peek at how the site is going to look, and they also hide all the digital mess.

We recommend this plugin for your sports blog because it has a lot of amazing sport-related templates that will go well with your theme. It is beginner-friendly and has a drag & drop builder.

Sporty template
Template name: Sporty

UnderConstructionPage also has amazingly fast and friendly support, so you do not need to search for solutions somewhere else. This plugin has two payment methods. The first is the PRO Lifetime license, and it costs $69. The second is the Agency Lifetime license, and this one costs $250. The difference is that Agency gives you access to the plugin on more personal sites and is more professional in other ways.

2. WP Club Manager

WP Club Manager banner

The second plugin we are about to present you with is WP Club Manager. It is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for a club website. It’s quick and easy to set up, and it gives you a lot of amazing features. You can manage clubs, staff, sponsors, player profiles and performance data, league tables, and many more things.

You can also manage multiple teams in your club and it supports a mass amount of sports like American football, Australian rules football, basketball, cricket, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, etc. Aside from English, it includes many languages too, like Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, French, German, etc.

3. WP Reset

WP Reset homepage

WP Reset is a WordPress plugin designed as a development tool for non-developers. It has a lot of amazing features for people that are not familiar with programming and coding but need these tools and options. It speeds up site deployment, recovery, and testing by resetting, controlling, and restoring the WordPress environment in just one click.

It can be used to restore your site the way it was at a certain point in time, to create a collection of your favorite plugins and themes and install them all at once, to create automatic snapshots before all significant changes on your site, so you always have a save point. Those are only some of the amazing tools this plugin provides you with.

It has 3 payment plans. Personal which costs $39 per year, Team which costs $79 per year, and Agency, for $149 per year.

4. MSTW Team Rosters
Team Rosters banner

The next plugin on our list is MSTW Team Rosters. It is a plugin that manages rosters for multiple sports teams. It gives you access to roster tables with built-in formats for any type of team like high school, college, and professional. It also has custom roster formats for baseball. You can repurpose data fields by re-labeling them, so rosters can be used, for example for Office Directories. This plugin supports an unlimited amount of teams and players. It has several views of rosters, including a player gallery, single-player bio, a table, etc.

5. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box homepage

Simple Author Box is a plugin that is used in order to create a responsive author box at the end of your posts, that shows the name, description, gravatar, and much more. The testament to the usefulness of this plugin is the fact that it is used by over 40,000 people all around the world.

You can assign posts to guest authors and make contributing easier. One post can be assigned to multiple authors and credit everyone involved in it. You can even make the author boxes appear automatically on certain post types.

It has three payment plans. The Mono plan supports only one site and costs $39 per year. The Trio plan supports three sites and costs $69 per year. And last, the Agency plan costs $499 per year and supports 30 sites.

6. SportsPress

SportsPress banner

The next plugin on our list is SportsPress. It is a WordPress plugin designed to turn your blog into a configurable team, club, or league website. It can be used to manage fixtures, results, player ranking, individual profiles for clubs, staff, etc. This plugin also has access to season archives, venue information, and maps, sport presets statistics, and league table column configuration.

It supports a large number of sports including American football, soccer, golf, handball, darts, basketball, cricket, baseball, snooker, softball, and many more.

For those who enjoy eSports, the SportsPress plugin also has features for video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Aside from English, this plugin can be used in many other languages like Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Croatian, etc.

7. WP Sticky

WP Sticky homepage

WP Sticky is a WordPress plugin that is used for creating sticky elements on your website sticky. That can be a sticky header, sticky menu, navigation, widget, etc. This plugin is amazingly fast and easy to use, so people unfamiliar with programming and coding can use it without a problem. You can make an unlimited amount of elements on your website sticky, and it works with all themes, plugins, and page builders.

WP Sticky also provides its users with amazing support. If you have any problems with the plugin, the people who created it are going to help you.

It is used by over 100,000 people around the world, which says a lot about the quality of this plugin. It has three payment plans. In the Single plan, this plugin costs $39 and you get one site license. The Team plan costs $49 and you get 3 site licenses, and the Agency plan costs $99 and you get 100 site licenses.

8. BackupGuard WordPress Plugin

BackupGuard homepage

Security always has to be one of the main concerns, whatever you do. That applies to blogging too. That is why we put BackupGuard WordPress Plugin on our list today. It is a WordPress plugin that is designed for backup, restoration, and migration of your WordPress website. You can also automate the process of backups with an easy schedule setup.

This plugin has two payment plans. First is the Gold plan. This plan costs $39 and with it, you can secure up to five websites. The second one is the Platinum plan. It costs $78 you can secure an unlimited number of websites, plus it has multiple automatic backups and a custom cloud destination path.

9. Google Maps Widget PRO

Google Maps Widget Pro homepage

The next plugin we are about to present you with is Google Maps Widget PRO. This plugin is created in order to give its users a way to import Google Maps into their website. It is an uncommon and interesting feature that will differentiate you from other sports bloggers. This has a lot of uses for sports blogging, like when you are presenting a certain soccer club, you can put a map of their stadium for example.

This plugin is really easy to use, and that is one of the reasons it has over 100,000 users. With it, you can add an unlimited number of maps, and use all the map options on your site. You can import maps anywhere on your site. It can be post, page, custom post type, menu, widget, shortcode, sidebar, etc.

This plugin also has three payment methods. The first is Pro Personal, and it costs $29 per year. The next is Pro Personal lifetime, with a price that you pay once and get lifetime access to this plugin. It costs $39. The last plan is Pro Unlimited Agency. This one is also a lifetime price, and it gives you access to the plugin on an unlimited number of personal sites. This plan costs $79.

10. WP 301 Redirects

WP Redirects homepage

WP 301 Redirects is used to solve all the problems with redirections and 404 errors. It fixes old content, old links, typos in URLs, and bad links. By using this plugin you instantly boost your traffic and take control over redirection. You can also safely change post URLs.

There are three different payment plans to choose from.

The Personal plan costs $39 per year and with it, you can access this plugin on 1 site. With the Team plan, which costs $79 per year, you can use this plugin on 5 sites and you also get licenses and a sites manager. With the Agency plan, you get access to the plugin on 100 sites and this plan also includes white label mode and priority support. It costs $149 per year.


That concludes our list of best plugins for sports blogs. We made sure that we picked the best ones. Be sure to check them out. Best of luck!