5 Ways To Monetize Your Crypto Blog

Ways To Monetize Your Crypto Blog

Cryptocurrency has been trending for a few years now, and it’s only going to continue as blockchain becomes more mainstream. Therefore, if you’re looking to profit from crypto through blogging, now is a fantastic time to jump aboard. Once you’re all set up and you’ve built up a library of fantastic content, it’s time to …

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9 Places to Share Your Content

Places to Share Your Content

One of the ways to increase the visibility of your brand is content marketing. Naturally, you should make sure that your content is of high quality. Once you establish who your target audience is, and where you can have the greatest chance of reaching it, all you have to do is pick the platform that …

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A Quick Guide on How to Write Alt Text

A Guide on how To Write Alt Text

Do you have images on your website? If so, then you need to write down alt-text. Let’s start with the basics. Alt-text is a piece of text written alongside an image. This text helps visually impaired users navigate the website. When it comes to SEO, it can also help search engines index your graphics. As …

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How to Use a PPC Calculator

How To Use a PPC Calculator

The pandemic did e-commerce a huge favor by accelerating adoption among consumers. Just in the US, it padded total e-commerce sales by an extra $244 billion in 2020 alone. While a lot of that came from big e-tailers, a sizable chunk came from small businesses jumping online. With most of the restrictions winding down or …

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Top 5 Benefits of a Managed Cloud Hosting Service

Benefits of a Managed Cloud Hosting Service

The cloud server is a recent development of the virtual host industry that everyone is talking about. Maybe you used a cloud server in your business. If you have not used it, you may have considered it. Simply put, a cloud server is a network of different servers in different locations communicating with each other …

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Top Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Top Chrome Extensions for SEO

Searching for a list of available SEO-related Chrome extensions to help you operate more efficiently and effectively? Then don’t look any further. If you’re engaged in SEO for your webspace, you know how time-consuming it can be. There is a lot to accomplish, from choosing keywords to verifying redirection and conducting outreach. We understand how …

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4 Key Strategies for Promoting Your Film Blog Online

Running a film blog is incredibly exciting, especially if you’re someone who always has questions and opinions once a movie ends. A blog gives you the opportunity to voice these opinions and come across like-minded individuals with whom you can discuss plot holes, cinematography, and other elements. However, to successfully create a film community and …

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What Is Keyword Stuffing?

Extreme keyword repetition is not the best SEO optimization solution and may harm your business in the short or long term. Search engines have learned to recognize this method of ranking manipulation and, in extreme cases, punish it. So, what does keyword stuffing exactly mean and why is it better to avoid it when you …

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