The Changing Digital Workplace Now Demands New Skills

The market for skilled work-from-home employees remains high as more and more businesses turn to digital workplaces for efficiency. The pandemic spurred a new wave of digital business tools and resources to help companies find success through remote collaboration. A recent study by Adobe Creative Cloud uncovered the skills in the highest demand for digital workforces in 2022. Job applicants wanting to launch a lucrative work-from-home career should foster these skills to be competitive and land a high-paying job.

Hard Skills

Two women looking at the code at laptop

The top 3 most in-demand careers for 2022 include data science specialists, specialized engineers, and user experience professionals. All three of these career paths require hard technical skills and digital competencies. Your hard skills include your familiarity and confidence in utilizing certain software or your experience in a specific field.

Though the top in-demand hard skills are fairly technical such as web development, there are many opportunities for anyone to develop these hard skills through online resources, certification programs, courses, or in-person classes. Entering a new and technical field can be a highly lucrative career path for those who can learn in-demand technical skills.

Digital Competencies

Regardless of the complexities of your hard skills, attaining essential digital competencies can help you get ahead in a digital workplace. More companies depend on new technology and software to make workflows more efficient and improve day-to-day. To enter the digital workplace, you need to navigate confidently online and learn new digital tools quickly. Familiarize yourself with popular digital business tools such as Adobe CC, Adobe Acrobat, and video conferencing, email, and other collaborative platforms that virtual workplaces need to function efficiently.

Broad Knowledge Base

In addition to gaining insight into the tools of the trade, competitive job applicants will obtain a broad knowledge base within their industry that can inform their day-to-day. According to a recent study by Adobe CC, “89% of survey respondents said they believe they could receive more compensation if they better understood a diversity of complex skills, allowing them to gain a more holistic perspective of how their professional role fits into the overall company landscape.”

Creativity & Visual Communication


A recent study by Adobe Acrobat uncovered why digital entrepreneurs are on the rise and how a wave of new online business and eCommerce has transformed the business world. One of the significant changes to come from the pandemic was the increase in direct accessibility of consumers through increases in online marketing and mobile shopping. Businesses need to have strong, visually eye-catching and engaging online presences in order to stay relevant and competitive.

The attention of smartphone users and online shoppers is vital for the success of your business and brand. Visual communication skills help you design effective assets for your company, such as presentations, sales pitches, advertisements, webpages, etc. Having a solid understanding of basic design skills and how to create a final product that looks sharp can help you land a higher-paying position.

Creativity continues to be the number one in-demand soft skill in 2022. Businesses need creative thinkers at all levels to capitalize on efficiencies and innovations within the workplace. Employees who can bring new and diverse perspectives and ideas to their teams will become assets to their companies and open many opportunities for promotion and new career options. There are plenty of opportunities to diversify your knowledge base and apply creative thinking to your position.

The remote job market remains lucrative and competitive as more and more opportunities open up for skilled individuals seeking to launch successful careers from home. Gaining the relevant and necessary skills before entering the job market will help you land a higher starting salary and will open more career opportunities for you in the future.