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Disney Mirrorverse Apk – role-playing game with characters from the familiar movies and cartoons of “Disney”, “Pixar” with battles against the dark forces. Disney Mirrorverse is where you take on the life of some of the most charismatic heroes from the Disney universe. Once again, they’ve come together to join forces in the fight against their – occasionally evil – twins spawned after a freak accident.

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Disney Mirrorverse Apk

Disney Mirrorverse Apk

Disney Mirrorverse Apk is a dynamic RPG, with a fun, charismatic cast of characters and spectacular graphics. Check out story mode and visit all kinds of locations to meet some of the most infamous Disney villains.

Disney Mirrorverse takes place in a divergent universe separate from the original Disney & Pixar films. In these dangerous worlds, dark and light magic influence the lands, empowering iconic Disney and Pixar characters to defend against a malevolent threat. Experience an ever-evolving narrative inspired by Disney as you uncover a dark plot that threatens to take over the Mirrorverse and all worlds beyond.


Disney Mirrorverse Apk

Disney Mirrorverse Apk

In the Disney Mirrorverse, Disney and Pixar characters are uniquely evolved into dynamic, action-ready heroes. Uncover intriguing backstories of these Mirrorverse Guardians and discover their surprising and authentic special abilities that equip them for battle. You can find these adventure-ready versions of iconic characters only in the Mirrorverse.

Malevolent forces are rising in the Mirrorverse, requiring champions mighty enough to meet the challenge. Sulley, Baymax, Scar, Captain Jack Sparrow, the Genie, Merida, Belle, Oogie Boogie and more stand ready to fight.


Disney Mirrorverse Apk

Disney Mirrorverse Apk

Disney Mirrorverse has an easy-to-use combat system. During battles, your characters attack the closest enemy by default, but you can also tap on an enemy to switch targets. Not only that, but you can move your character to dodge your opponent’s most powerful attacks by tapping on an empty area on the map. Regardless, the key to victory is learning how to skillfully use each hero’s abilities to stun enemies or heal comrades.

In between battles, you can use the experience you’ve earned to level up and upgrade your characters. As you progress within the story, you’ll also unlock new heroes that’ll take you on new adventures to other realms within any of Disney’s many feature films.


Disney Mirrorverse Apk

Disney Mirrorverse Apk

Built in collaboration with Disney and Pixar, this visually stunning Action RPG allows players to enter richly detailed new worlds filed with fully 3D CGI-animated Disney and Pixar heroes and villains.

Players will experience the thrill and excitement of team-based, real-time combat in gameplay. Unlike turn-based-games, you control every second of gameplay including your Guardians’ individual actions, team strategy, and special attacks.

Download Disney Mirrorverse Apk

Disney Mirrorverse 0.5.4 Apk