5 WordPress Hacks for Every Freelancer

WordPress can be a bit of a gold mine for freelancers if you know how to navigate the site and make the most of it. While WordPress development is indeed a saturated field, there is money to be made if you make a name for yourself. WordPress is a fantastic place to start if you’re a website developer or marketing/web-management whizz.

In fact, it is estimated that freelance developers can make between $3000 and $15 000 per website, according to Manage WP. While you’ll need to compete with a growing field of WordPress freelancers, there are certainly opportunities to be found.

Here we explore some pros and cons of the site and consider five hacks to make the most of the content management system.

The pros of WordPress

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When it comes to WordPress, there are some pretty impressive advantages.

It’s very well developed and has significant scope

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems around. In fact, as of 20202, approximately 35.7 % of website owners worldwide. It also dominates the market share in the industry, with a whopping 63.3 percent of the share in the market. Thanks to WordPress and its vast community of supporters, there is an abundance of amazing content and support for users of the site.

Because of its popularity, thousands of companies create excellent infrastructure for the site (like themes and plug-ins). Many agencies also use the site to build affordable websites for clients.

It’s affordable

Not every company has hundreds and thousands of dollars to build a website from scratch, so enter WordPress. The site has been called the ‘Robin Hood of the CMS world,’ allowing people to create quality websites without forking out huge sums and breaking the bank.

The cons of WordPress

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It’s a saturated market, so the competition may be rife. Unfortunately, with the site’s popularity and huge community comes some competition. While you might have to compete to get a name for yourself, following some of our top hacks might help you get ahead.

Top tips for freelancers using WordPress

Whether you’re a marketing whiz, a website designer, an analytical expert, or a social media guru, you can do much with WordPress. Here we share 5 top tips that will help any freelancer navigate the site with ease.

1. Keep your finger on the pulse with maintenance

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Ensuring that your website and those you run for clients are well maintained will guarantee the overall health and security of the site. WordPress is constantly updated and adapted by the creators, and ensuring that your site is updated with the latest technology is paramount if you want to run a secure site.

When updates are available, you will see a little red icon in the left-hand corner of the particular site. You’ll need to run the updates manually and update each site individually. However, there is a hack to make this a little easier.

If you are managing multiple websites, it might be worth investing in iThemes Sync. The service allows you to manage multiple websites simultaneously, thus saving a great deal of time and ensuring that all websites run optimally.

2. Access training videos online

Freelancers need to continuously expand their skill set by learning and growing in the field. As they say, ‘knowledge is power,’ and equipping yourself with the latest technologies and hacks will boost your expertise and enhance your abilities and service offerings. Since WordPress technology adapts and transforms continuously, it’s always a good idea to upskill yourself regularly.

The internet is truly your oyster when it comes to furthering your education. There are loads of tutorials to be found online (and many of these are free as a bonus!) Take some time to learn the basics of development, coding, marketing, and business management.

3. Learn SEO basics and use them on your website

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Understanding basic search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to rank your websites higher. When they rank higher than other websites in your particular field, more significant traffic is guaranteed, hopefully translating to a boost in business. More visits also enhance trust in your site.

With a better understanding of SEO, you’ll be able to choose SEO-friendly themes and additional add-on software (known as plug-ins) that can improve the SEO quality of your website. Again, there are loads of free online tools to support freelancers in enhancing their SEO knowledge.

4. Have a security plan

When you run websites, you are responsible for security. With cyberattacks on the rise, you want to protect your site as much as possible.

Some key ways to do this include:

  • strengthening your passwords
  • choosing a secure hosting provider
  • keeping things updated; and
  • hiding your name from the author archive.

It’s also imperative that you not use ‘admin’ as your login name. Choose complex names that won’t be as obvious to hackers and, if possible, avoid free themes.

5. Get organized

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One of the most essential things for any freelancer is organization, especially when running multiple sites. This is why so many freelancers use a freelance managing system like Indy.

Keep all your projects and tasks in one place and access the centralized dashboard to enjoy the following features:

  • Invoice generator (and templates)
  • Proposal generator (and templates)
  • Contract generator (and templates)
  • Time tracker
  • Task Tracker
  • Online calendar
  • Communication hub (to chat with colleagues or clients)
  • The space to upload files and forms

What’s more is that Indy has a wide range of proposal templates and contract templates for users, making formalities a quick and easy feat. Select your contract or proposal type and choose your profession via the drop-down bar. Simply fill in the blanks, and add your logo and company insignia for that personal touch.

Indy also allows freelancers to upload a personalized profile making it a great place to connect with other solopreneurs in the field. This might offer fantastic collaboration opportunities and work to create a supportive community of independent contractors.

The Takeaway

WordPress is an excellent choice for many freelancers, offering an effective and affordable way to build and manage client sites. Taking some time to maintain sites effectively, learn new skills, ensure optimal security, and stay organized will ensure that your WordPress experience is smooth. This will also impact service offerings and ensure that clients’ needs are met (and exceeded!)

What are your WordPress hacks? Share below!