HostArmada Review: Can a Newcomer Compete with the Classics?

Let’s say you have hired a web developer to build a website for your business, or you have built it yourself. Now, you might wonder what the next step is? Well, to be able to publish your website online and make it available and visible to other people around the world, you have to upload it to a web server. There are so many hosting services out there, but the question is, “What is the best web hosting for your website?” To be able to answer this question, first, we have to know what kind of website you have and how big or complex it is.

Knowing this information, we can decide which hosting package you really need. If your website is not heavy on resources and you do not expect so much traffic, then probably the best option for you is shared hosting. Shared hosting is a type of hosting where several websites are stored and run on the same server, sharing resources such as CPU cores, RAM, etc. If you are running a website that needs root access and more power, you should probably go for a VPS server.

However, it’s important to know that using shared hosting is very simple even for beginners through Cpanel, but uploading a website and running it on a VPS is more complex, and it’s not beginner-friendly. If your website is enormously heavy on resources and needs fully dedicated resources, buy a dedicated server, but this option is the most expensive. Having introduced you to web hosting, there are some things you should pay attention to before picking a provider.

You should look for stable and reliable hosting with high uptime and good performance. Security is another very important part, so check if the provider has security layers and firewalls enabled. They should give you an option for daily or manual backups and quick 24/7 customer support. A wide range of different data centers is always a plus and recommended, so pay attention to that, as well. However, I think pricing besides quality is the deciding factor, so always find several providers and compare their prices with what they offer before you decide.


HostArmada homepage

If you don’t know where to start, you should definitely check out HostingArmada. Shared hosting, VPS, WordPress hosting, multiple data centers, domain names, blazingly fast performance, and good security – this is basically all that HostArmada gives you. You can get your website up and running for as little as $2.39 per month with their Cloud Shared Hosting packages. VPS servers start at around $40, while Dedicated CPU servers would cost you about $110 a month.

Not only does HostArmada offer you a hosting service, but also you can register and link a domain name to your website. We already know how important domain names are in today’s business world and how much money people pay just to have an original and awesome domain name. With every bought domain name, you also get subdomain management, domain forwarding, DNS management, protection for your personal information, and a free SSL certificate.

HostArmada has a vast selection of domain extensions that you can pick from, and all you have to do is to type the desired name into the search box. It will alert you if the domain name you typed is already taken so that you can change it and try a different one.

When it comes to the selection of data centers, HostArmada gives you a fairly good list of possible data center locations, ensuring fast connectivity and availability for visitors all around the world. Before you select the data center, you can test the IP of the server to see the latency and ping.

HostArmada Data Centers

HostArmada servers are using KVM virtualization, which will guarantee you 99.99% uptime, and thanks to their powerful server infrastructure, your website is safe from data loss. For any technical issue, they claim to have a quick technical support team that will open your ticket and fix your problem in a short period of time.


HostArmada uses a cloud SSD platform for storage which guarantees you a blazing performance and loading speed on your website. For better loading speeds, their servers also use memory caching mechanisms and Cloudflare as one of the most popular CDN services out there. All of their servers are powered by the AMD Epyc processors, which is known to be a very efficient CPU providing unlimited potential for your service.

Loading speed is crucial for your website because nobody likes slow websites. On top of that, loading speed is also important for SEO ranking – the better the loading speed, the higher the rank.


HostArmada security

Security is also taken seriously by the HostArmada team, and they work hard to improve it by monitoring and patching any vulnerabilities they detect on their machines. Data loss is nonexistent thanks to the daily backups they offer you for free for every hosting package you choose. They claim to have inbuilt protection against DDOS and other popular malicious attacks using a web application firewall that blocks any suspicious actions or requests. Their tools also scan for different malware with a live security monitoring tool.

Hosting Packages

Shared Hosting

HostArmada shared hosting

If you are a beginner and need hosting for a simple website with low traffic, shared hosting is pretty enough for your needs. HostArmada’s shared hosting is fully managed, coming with an in-built cPanel and cloud SSD technology. Compared to other hosting services, HostArmada’s shared hosting does not have performance issues because they have a low number of clients connected on the same machine sharing the resources.

Their shared hosting comes in 3 different packages:

  • Start Dock (perfect for one website – 2 Cores & 2 GB RAM) – $2.99 / month
  • Web Warp (unlimited websites – 4 Cores & 4 GB RAM) – $3.59 / month
  • Speed Reaper (unlimited websites – 6 Cores & 6 GB RAM) – $4.19 / month

WordPress Hosting

HostArmada WordPress hosting

If you are more of a WordPress guy, HostArmada has something to offer you, too. You can choose their best WordPress hosting solution for deploying and hosting your website. Their team will install WordPress for you for free and any other plugin or theme you need for your website. Without losing any data, HostArmada also offers to transfer your existing WordPress website to the WordPress hosting that you purchase.

They have a solid collection of WordPress tutorials for the beginner as well as advanced users. Their WordPress hosting has the same pricing as Shared hosting coming in three different packages: Start Dock, Web Warp, and Speed Reaper.

VPS Hosting

HostArmada VPS hosting

For resource-heavy web apps, shared hosting is not a good choice. Because it does not have dedicated resources. To be able to deploy and run heavy web apps or websites, you should buy VPS hosting. Besides already mentioned services, HostArmada also offers powerful VPS servers coming with full root access, giving you an option to install anything you want on the machine. It is perfect for online e-commerce websites, reseller hosting, database servers, or other custom applications.

HostArmada VPS comes in 4 different packages:

  • Web Shuttle (unlimited websites, 1 Core & 2 GB RAM) – $41.21 / month
  • Web Voyager (unlimited websites, 2 Cores & 4 GB RAM) – $48.71 / month
  • Web Raider (unlimited websites, 4 Cores & 8 GB RAM) – $63.71 / month
  • Site Carrier (unlimited websites, 6 Cores & 16 GB RAM) – $101.21 / month

Final Thoughts

To answer the question we posed in the title, we can confidently say yes. Yes, it most certainly can. Hopefully, our review aided you in getting a good hosting provider. And you’ve found just what you were looking for.