Top Evaluation Factors To Identify the Perfect White Label SEO Reseller

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of successful digital marketing campaigns in the digital age. Rather than diverting from their core competency, many digital agencies outsource SEO services to white label SEO providers who guarantee quality services. This means providing SEO services to your clients under your brand name, but the actual SEO work is done by another company, known as a white label SEO reseller.

But in a world filled with all sorts of SEO pretenders, it can be an overwhelming task to identify the ideal white label SEO reseller or partner at a reasonable market cost that can be marked up for profit. But worry not! This guide covers the critical aspects to evaluate when selecting a white label SEO reseller for SEO outsourcing.

Track record

A reliable white label SEO provider should have an established track record of performance and client retention, whether through direct clients or other white label partnerships. They should be more than willing to show you some instances of their SEO work in terms of performance. For example, Google Analytics Reports, case studies, position reports, google search console data, etc. which provide some insights into their performance capabilities.

Remember that whatever performance proof the agency shows you will be the creme de la creme of their best work, so you should be able to make an informed choice from there. Do not hesitate to ask the company if you notice anything of concern.


Reviews also come in handy when selecting a white label SEO partner. Your first stop during your research should be Google review platforms such as Yelp, Google My Business reviews, etc. You can also check out reviews on SEO-specific review sites such as Clutch.

Reviews tell you so much about the white label SEO provider you are just about to partner with. Previous clients’ feedback can help you gain an insight into what to expect when you work with the company and the quality of their services. References are also good because they give you an honest opinion of the SEO reseller you are looking to partner with.


Your partnership with a white label SEO reseller should be scalable based on your business growth. Therefore, your partner should be able to accommodate your growth with its own infrastructure. This applies especially to larger digital agencies. For instance, if you are a small-sized agency receiving only a handful of SEO clients like 1-10 clients at any particular time, in that case, scalability is not much of an issue.

However, if you own a more prominent agency with more clients coming on board every month, for instance, 1-10 accounts monthly, in that case, scalability comes into play. All in all, ensure that your white label SEO partner has the infrastructure to scale depending on your growth, goals, and projections.


Woman in white blazer holding tablet computer

Communication is a critical aspect of white label SEO partnerships. You must evaluate your partner’s communication skills and frequency before hiring them. Depending on the agreement, you may agree on one of the following communication methods.

  • Direct client communication, whereby the white label SEO reseller communicates directly with your clients. As such, establishing private-labeled email addresses, CRM integration, phone call routing, and delivery tactics are necessary.
  • Indirect client communication means that your white label SEO partner will entirely be behind the scenes doing all the SEO fulfillment, and only your team communicates directly with the client. Here, you should figure out how the SEO reseller intends to communicate with your agency.

The best thing is to identify a communication strategy that works best for your firm without compromising the efficiency of the work.


A pro marketing team is necessary to fulfill SEO and not automation or machines. Therefore, staffing is one of the critical aspects to consider when selecting a white label SEO partner. Asking about the years of experience the SEO team has in the industry is very important before making your choice.

Suppose your agency or company has a handful of SEO clients coming in every year. In that case, you are more likely to be better served by a small to medium-sized white label SEO company as they can be more accommodating. If you run a larger agency with many SEO clients coming on board, you will be better served by a similar-sized SEO reseller agency.

Consider that larger SEO agencies are prone to looking at clients as numbers due to the substantial workload. However, even if the SEO agency has a massive team of SEO experts, consider their employee turnover. Avoid agencies with a high employee turnover because that can lead to clients constantly having to discuss previously covered subjects with new account managers.


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A white label SEO provider should be transparent in every aspect of SEO project fulfillment. Transparency is vital in project work, including allowing you or your client to review or approve content and code recommendations for site pages, link-building activities, blog posts, and other relevant aspects of successful SEO. Therefore, you should be cautious of white label partners who cannot guarantee full transparency in their SEO fulfillment work as it could do more harm than good to your clients, putting your reputation at risk.


Reporting is a critical aspect of SEO, and eventually, it all narrows down to the improvement and results of SEO campaigns. Therefore, your prospective white label SEO partner should be able to report on all aspects of their SEO fulfillment in a private labeled way. Ideally, they should be looking at each client’s work individually and establish a dashboard setup to display all the campaign items and performance metrics for the corresponding channels.

Final words

When picking a white label SEO partner, history and track record is everything. You need a partner who has been in the industry for many years, has an experienced team of SEO experts, and has a high client retention rate. Remember that your growth is tied to the quality of services they deliver to your clients.