“Maoyu: Archenemy and Hero” Season 2 Release date, Plot , Characters and other updates!


‘Maoyu Maou Yusha’ also famous as ‘Archenemy and hero’ was released back in 2013 in January and ended the telecast on March 30, 2013, enjoyed the large success in that duration.

Something an anime lover will always wish to watch in his series. Including almost every genre, the series was itself as the quiet distinctive among what other series we watch or read in manga.

However, it doesn’t seem to have marked its position despite being real and unique in storey and plot. It seems like everything is going in a smooth scale without any boost in a story. Hence the anime comes under a decent success section.


It is now a very stale topic for discussion for ‘when will Maoyu Maou Yushha season 2 will premiere? The Takeo Takahashi directed anime was set to release its 2nd instalment back in 2016 or 2017. But nothing was official at that period too and even now also there’s very little hope about getting the 2nd element released in the upcoming duration of a year or so.

By gaining a wide fanbase after it’s release, the same fans are demanding for the sequel to be broadcasted immediately or very soon. But the production house seems to have interest approximately as null and void. They don’t have any proper storyline as root, to begin with, their production task. At the same time, it’s still believed by enthusiasts that the manga series has some more remaining volumes which can be used as an assistance for the creation of new anime element.

The production house, however, is out with any theory to bounce back on the work of the creation. Hence they are entirely quite regarding this demand from the observers that makes the viewers thinking of the creators certainly be working on it and can make a sudden release in the upcoming 2021 or early 2022. Though nothing has been made official, whether it be an interview, trailer, or any news thread by the official till now.


In mid of 2012, Pony Canon declared openly that it would produce an anime series based on Maoyu Maou Yusha, which is based on the previously known manga.

The story includes the fictional world where the war is fought vigorously between the humans and the demons. Humans have their highest hero who will invade the demon king palace and execute and demolish the demon queen.

However, the story shifts to another course where the hero joins the alliances with the demon queen when she effectively explains the consequences both the world (demons and humans) will face when there is a sudden end to the war. The humans who were united very much among themselves against their common enemy, demons will fight among themselves later, which has already been faced by the demon kingdom. Hence to avoids this, she warns the hero by saying it will create chaos among humans, and everybody will get affected at the individual level.

Agreeing to the demon queen’s thoughts, he decides to halt the conflict to avoid the bloodshed and civil war among people and demons. Thus creates and applies a plan to bring peace among the demons and humans.




She is the central character who is the 43rd supreme leader of demons and rules the Demon Realm. She wants both humans and demons to have peace and plays a vital role in explaining the hero about the consequences of war and successfully manages to avoid war by executing her plan by joining forces with him.


A male protagonist and the greatest warrior of the human kingdom. After travelling with his fellow companions, he himself goes to kill the demon queen and end the long-lasting conflict between demons and humans. However, he agrees to the demon queen and joins forces with her to bring peace and prosperity for both demon and human realms.


One of the members of the hero’s old party. Who is also a powerful swordswoman and executes the role of commander on the battlefield.


She is also a member of the hero’s old party. After the hero lefts the party, she sets for the demon realm to look for him, and since then no one hears about her.


Another member of the hero’s old party. When the party got disbanded, he started to work as a servant of the winter prince who later becomes king. He treats the hero as his own son.


Every anime lover will love once to watch this extraordinary and remarkable story. All 12 episodes of season 1 of approx 23 minutes each, were first made available on Crunchyroll and are now available on Netflix with English subtitles with Japanese soundtrack.


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