Increase Visibility and Revenue in 2022 Using the Best PPC Tools

Choosing the right tools in any field is a challenge on its own, especially when it comes to PPC Tools. More than 40% of businesses use these tools to promote their services and products. And most of them describe PPC Tools as the most valuable source for leads.

With the right tools in this field, you can achieve many great things, especially in your PPC campaigns! But finding the best ones can be a tricky thing to do. In the sea of millions of tools, you can easily get lost. Plus, you are practically doomed to fail if you don’t know what features you want.

So, buckle up; we have a short but sweet list for you that will blow you out of your seat once we are finished.

1. Adinton

Adinton homepage

Adinton quickly comes to the top spot on our list. It is a simple yet effective tool that will become your favorite tool ever. We all know how PPC is necessary for our business, but if you didn’t know – know you know. With this little fellow, you can track ad spend, conversions, or clicks. Of course, you can also examine the details of every aspect in as much detail as you want.

You can get back reports and see how successful any ad was with a bunch of information. One fantastic piece of information that you get from this tool is that it lets you know if you put more money than you should into your campaign.

2. Acquisio

Acquisio homepage

The second tool on our list is Acquisio. This is one of the best tools for PPC campaigns and biding management. We all sometimes need a bit more help when it comes to running the bids and budget of our clients, and that’s where Acquisio is a pro.

The top feature of this tool is their Acquisio Turing – this particular feature will quickly help you use all the budgets of your clients all the time. It uses advanced optimization options that quickly increase conversions and clicks. While it does that, it will help you not to spend more or less than what is necessary.

3. Adbeat

Adbeat homepage

Adbeat places itself on our third spot respectfully. It is an excellent tool if you want to watch for great strategies. Adbeat gives you competitive monitoring that allows you to view advertisers’ media buying strategies at any point.

It also gives you insight into the best placements for ads, tells you where to find successful traffic and how to profit from it. Essentially, it gives you everything you need for your ad to succeed. Your only job is to create the ad. You can filter it by device or country and find the best placement for your ad without any problems.

4. Tenscores

Tenscores homepage

The fourth place goes out to Tenscores. This is a great PPC optimization tool for your campaign. With this little gem, you will get a full-on, in-depth optimization tool that will quickly improve your score and lower your costs.

You can also easily see what kind and which campaigns are in the bottom half of performing ads and fix their structure with Tenscores. That’s possible because it comes with a particular AI-powered regrouping option.

5. Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics homepage

The last tool on our list is Ruler Analytics. It is a simple marketing tool that will quickly give you all the information needed about your customer journey. You will promptly see your PPC campaign’s impact on your revenue with this one.

It tracks every visitor during multiple visits, ads, keywords, traffic sources, etc.- it goes into full FBI mode. Once the visitors become a lead, the information will be sent to the database, and it will match it with their marketing points that will circle up the whole journey.

Besides, it works with more than 1000 products, and it can send the whole journey to your CRM, Analytics, or Google Ads.

Final words

In the end, PPC is a big part of every campaign, and you need to get everything that you can from it. Luckily some tools can help you with all sorts of problems you may face in your marketing campaign. So use every bit of help you can get from these helpers, and you will see your business get to another level!