How do Press Releases Grow a Business and Boost SEO

Businesses, big and small, can extract major benefits from the proper use of press releases, including increasing sales and online activity to company websites. Here’s a quick overview of how press releases can grow business and boost SEO. Press releases generally have an intended purpose or focus. Most of the time, press releases are used to announce the launch of a new business or a new product or service line, but businesses can also use press releases to draw attention to notable events happening within the company.

Press releases have the potential to significantly improve public awareness surrounding a business and the popularity of its products or services. However, press releases cannot have their intended effect if they are not distributed properly, but we will get to that. First, let’s answer two quick questions.

How can companies achieve growth through the use of press releases?

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A well-crafted and carefully distributed press release is one of the most-cost-effective PR and marketing tools businesses have at their disposal. With press releases, businesses are able to control the content, which means they can accurately convey the news they want to share, the intention behind their services or products, and explain its unique value. Press releases provide immediate and invaluable exposure exactly when businesses feel they need it most.

A well-written press release can assist businesses in establishing their brand in the public eye and provide their brand with the authenticity it needs. Press releases allow the business to proactively manage their reputations and display their unique expertise or specialization, while at the same time, it has the potential to increase physical and online sales as well as the possibility of returning customers.

How do press releases boost SEO?

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Part of the reason why press releases are such invaluable marketing tools is their ability to drastically improve SEO. Press releases usually contain a link back to a company website or product description page. Powerful backlinks to a company website can drastically increase web traffic and the potential for social media sharing, which in turn, will slowly increase the organic visibility of a company’s websites in search engines, and it’s one of the most powerful ways to increase domain authority.

Within a press release, it’s important to optimize the content specifically for SEO.

This is why including the right keywords in the title of a press release is vital. Press releases are generally considered as complementary components to existing SEO strategies. They are categorized as an off-page SEO strategy, which, when used in combination with other on-page and technical SEO strategies, can be very effective in boosting SEO and growing a business.

Why not give a press release firm a go?

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Press releases are only effective when distributed to the right audiences, whether it be customers, potential investors, or any other interested parties. Yet, in most cases, businesses do not have the internal capacity to distribute their press releases to their targeted audiences. This is where marketing and PR firms come in. The top press release companies have extensive and specialized distribution networks that can be greatly beneficial to small businesses that do not have much public reach.

Press release firms like PR Newswire have network distribution consisting of over 4,000 websites and approximately 3,000 media outlets, while Business Wire has a broad selection of distribution networks with a reach that extends to 18 full-service newsrooms and agencies in over 160 countries. Sitetrail also has a powerful distribution network with the capability of successfully reaching global audiences. Yet unlike other press release firms, they offer the complete service, from writing SEO-optimized content to distribution through powerful media contacts and outlets. Their new releases and editorial content are indexed on news outlets, including Google New, Bing News, Global Newsdesk partners, and hundreds of other site owners.

Yet, what sets Sitetrail apart from standard press release platforms, like PR Newswire and Businesswire, for example, is their unique ability to connect business with unique editorial releases written by in-house journalists and copywriters using unique anchor texts and content. Their press release writing strategy means their press releases are not tagged as “sponsored news” or “press releases,” and the SEO value of their press releases cannot compare to that of their competitors.

Press releases can result in exponential business growth

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The size of your business does not matter. Building a good working relationship with a trusted press release firm is one guaranteed way to grow your business and boost SEO. Instead of going at it alone, a reputable press release firm, like the ones mentioned above, can give your business the immediate publicity it needs, either by bringing attention to your new business launch or products or services or even events hosted by your business.

Businesses can achieve phenomenal growth and significantly boost SEO with properly timed and distributed press releases.