Top 7 Mobile Ad Networks for Publishers 2020

 In this article, you can find top Best-Paying mobile ad networks for publishers, app monetization platforms and video ad networks for Android here is the list of  top ad networks for you.

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1.Facebook’s Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network offers smart solutions to publishers to monetize their apps and websites. Their ad network is designed with user engagement and growth in mind. Publishers can choose from a range of interactive ad formats such as rewarded video, which works great for gaming apps or playable video ads.

Over 1 billion users view ads from the Facebook Audience Network each month. They also provide you with tools, support, and valuable insights to help you grow your ad revenue.

2. Snapchat Ads


If you’re looking to reach mobile users in the Gen Z demographic then Snapchat is the place to be. 46% of teenagers in the US said that Snapchat was the most important social media platform. Instagram came in second with 32% of US teenagers considering it as the most important social media outlet.

It’s well known that Snapchat has had a few slip-ups and was slow on monetization for businesses. Nevertheless, the social app has a tight hold on the younger generation’s attention. Gen Z uses Snapchat not only to send quick and funny moments but also to hold casual chats with their friends.

Snapchat ads come in a variety of formats, including the more interactive AR and Snapchat filter ads.


3.AdMob by Google

AdMob is an ad network that has a mobile ad mediation feature as well. It’s perfect for mediation beginners. It allows you to manage many different ad networks all in one place.

AdMob ad mediation groups make the process even easier. You don’t need to add targeting settings to each separate ad unit, but for the group. Later on, you can simply add new ad units to the preferred group. However, it’s important to note that although ad networks waterfall within a group, that doesn’t happen from group to group.

The biggest advantage of using AdMob by Google is a large number of supported ad networks, 25 in total. However, it’s important to note that not all ad networks support optimization. Out of the full list you can see below, LG U+AD, One by AOL (Nexage), and Vpon cannot be enabled for optimization. The rest can.


ironSource is one of the top ad mediation platforms that helps you increase app revenue and eCPMs. With 15 ad networks available, you can choose the ones you prefer and the ironSource platform will manage them for you. That saves you a lot of time and makes app monetization a very simple process. You can also customize your monetization strategy and combine different mediation models. ironSource supports different ad formats like rewarded video, offerwall, interstitial ads, and banner ads, which is a huge plus.

What’s unique about this platform is that it also enables you to follow key metrics like DAU, ARPDAU, and engagement.


Mopub is one of the top mobile ad mediation platforms that connects you with leading ad networks all in one place. That makes it easy for mobile publishers to boost their ad revenue. The competition from these ad networks ensures higher bids and consequently more profit for you, the developer. Mopub supports four different ad formats: banners, interstitial ads, native ads, and rewarded ads.

What’s unique about Mopub is that you get access to demand from Twitter because the platform was acquired by Twitter back in 2013.


Fyber offers mobile publishers different monetization solutions, including FairBird, their ad mediation platform. It gives publishers the option to choose between the waterfall system and unified auction.

There are 10+ major ad networks bidding for ad space thus maximizing competition and yield. Many of them are video networks so we could say Fyber is more video-oriented. This platform also offers you detailed reports that include all the important metrics you need to track. The interface is simple and easy to use, which is also a plus.

7.Epom Apps

Considered as a top-rated ad mediation platform for smart app monetization, Epom Apps has its own in-house team of experts. The team is dedicated to helping app developers and app owners to generate revenue from their applications.