Top Instagram Analytics Tools To Boost Organic Growth

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms currently available, and success on it can tremendously boost your business. No matter if you’re a business or someone trying to test their luck with being an influencer, using Instagram analytics tools is a must if you want to grow.

Analytics tools offer you more data about your account’s performance, and most of them show you the best time for you to post. Besides that, these tools offer many other data that you can use to plan out your Instagram posts and give yourself the biggest advantage when posting.

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Once you’ve got a great website up and running, you can go ahead and try your hand at social media. But to be truly successful, you’ll need tools to help you along the way. Instagram analytics tools can be a bit expensive, and if you’re just starting out, it’s probably hard to invest money without knowing if it’ll be worth it.

Using free tools like this helps you decide on whether it’s worth investing in. You can do everything in your power, but at the very beginning, some luck is needed as well. With free tools, you can start getting a feel for how everything will work out after investing in a paid, more advanced tool.

Instagram insights

Instagram help website

If you’re running a business account, then you have access to the free analytics tool provided by Instagram. This tool provides you with some basic insight about your account performance, including your reach, engagement, when your followers are online, etc. It’s a solid tool for getting some basic data about your account, but if you’re a more serious social marketer this isn’t for you. The data provided isn’t really in-depth, but it can get you a quick overview of your performance. It’s also already built-in to your Instagram app, so there are no additional downloads. It’s a decent start for building your account.


Crowdfire homepage

Crowdfire is a social media management tool designed to help businesses of any size, supporting many different social media platforms. This tool isn’t just about Instagram analytics, but it’s one of the features included. Using this, you can schedule posts, track when your followers are active, track how successful your posts are, etc. This is a tool best used if you have multiple accounts to run. The analytics tools visualize your data in several charts that are really easy to read.

There are also advanced metrics that help you boost your traffic. While the free version is limited in features, it still offers solid tools that can be really useful for anyone. The limiting factor to the free version is that the analytics only go a day back. For anyone interested, the paid version starts at $7.48/month.


Squarelovin homepage

This Instagram analytics tool offers in-depth insights into your account’s performance. The depth Squarelovin offers is pretty admirable for a free tool. Metrics for recent posts and growth are available, along with monthly analysis and history of posts. Using the engagement tab, you can see which of your posts were the most successful and plan your future posts accordingly.

Data is shown with the best and worst times for you to post. Using Squarelovin, you can also manage your account. Commenting and liking are all available straight from the app. You get a weekly email report about the performance of your account, as well. The basic plan is free and it offers great features.

Command for Instagram

Command for Instagram

Command gives future influencers the tools they need to grow their accounts. It’s an Instagram-only tool, specially designed for want-to-be influencers. You’ll get to understand your account better and see what kind of posts you should be posting. Hashtag recommendations and recommended times to post are available. There even is the Command Influencer Network, a network made for the future influencers to find brands to be sponsored by.

All of the tools are designed for you to understand your account better and, with time, for you to start monetizing your account. Knowing the right times to post, getting the right contacts, and knowing your audience can all make or break your account. The only downside to this app is that it’s iOS only.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics homepage

Union Metrics is one of the best Instagram analytics tools. The tools offered guide brands to successfully tracking all of their social media engagement. Union Metrics offers a full suite of tools made for growing and keeping track of social media accounts. While the full suite is paid-only, there is a free Instagram Account Checkup Tool available.

The Instagram Account Checkup Tool provides reports of your top hashtags, followers analytics, and your average post engagements. This tool will help you know when the best time to post is, what hashtags you should use and what works and doesn’t work for you. Using this, you’ll get more engagement, create better content and overall just better assess your performance.


Iconsquare homepage

While Iconosquare doesn’t have a free version, there is a 14-day trial available to the full version of the tool. The trial is more than enough to help you understand if you want to invest in a tool or not. Iconosquare offers some of the best analytics there is. It’s used by both businesses and average users to help grow their accounts and social media engagements.

It provides high-level and in-depth analytics to your accounts and even lets you create content from within the app. If you’re still thinking about whether you should invest the money in a great analytics tool, then this trial is the way to go.


In this day and age, growing your Instagram or any social media is pretty much a must for having a successful business. There are many tools available that enable you to do just that, you just have to find the right one.

Free tools like these can help you decide on whether or not you should pursue growing your accounts, and maybe help you taste the first signs of success. There is no tool that fits everyone, especially when it comes to free tools. When it comes to free tools, the best thing may just be trying every one of them and deciding on which works the best for you.